WÖHWA Operational Data Processing

The collection of operational data is the basis for an analysis of the operating efficiency of a processing plant. The values measured by the belt scales are represented in clear and concise statistics and belt load logs, facilitating tightly focussed analyses and calculation of production costs.

This important tool allows WÖHWA customers to increase productivity and reduce costs. Data can be processed for controlling purposes either on a daily basis or per work shift.

The recording of operating hours for all motors allows the Maintenance Management to organize maintenance services in time. Equipment like e.g. wheel loaders, trucks, etc., can also be included in the maintenance management with spare parts lists and an operating hours log.

Advantages of WÖHWA Operational Data Processing

  • recording of
    • operating hours
    • power consumption
    • feed rates via belt weighers
    • fill levels
  • registration of vehicles stopover time
  • optical identification of vehicles by video cameras
  • logs for
    • belt weighers
    • feed rates
    • power consumption
  • energy management
  • archiving of plant parameters