WÖHWA Blending and Loadout Systems

WÖHWA Blending and Loadout Systems are used for loading bulk materials on trucks, trains, and boats, as well as for automatic feeding of asphalt mixing or concrete plants.

A level monitoring system checks permanently whether sufficient material is available for loadout or plant feeding. With a link to the WÖHWA processing plant control system, it is possible to always reclaim the driest material from silos containing identical products. The use of gravimetric hopper scales allows precise dosing of aggregates, e.g. of cement for cement-stabilized subbases.

When using an integrated, certified legal-for-trade WÖHWA belt weigher with automatic in-flight compensation, overcharging of vehicles can be avoided and you do not need a truck scale for determination of the net weight.

The loadout system is PC operated with one or several monitors and one or several PCs (from different places) connected, depending upon the size of the plant. The PC is usually installed in a central control room separated from the control cabinets with the PLC system. In case of a PC failure, the loadout system can still be operated manually via the emergency operation panel at the control cabinet.

With the use of badge readers, cameras, traffic lights, etc., and by linking the loadout process to the weighing data processing programme, it can be automated and upgraded for unattended dispatch automation with an integrated wheel loader weighing system.

Advantages of WÖHWA Blending and Loadout Systems

  • volumetric and gravimetric blending systems for bulk materials such as gravel, crushed stones and aggregates, fine sands, fertilizers, clinker, granulate materials, …
  • complete systems consisting of blending and loadout system, truck scale, transponder card readers, intercoms, …
  • fully automatic self-loading systems for truck drivers
  • parallel loadouts
  • fully automatic feeding of concrete or asphalt plants
  • rail loadouts
  • ship loadouts
  • remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • can be combined with legal-for-trade WÖHWA belt weighers
  • automatic blend-specific in-flight compensation
  • installation and integration of ultra-sonic, radar, or micro-wave fill level sensors
  • multi-user systems
  • integration of WÖHWA hopper scales for gravimetric dosing of additives, as e.g. cement