WÖHWA Self Loading

Using the WÖHWA RCT 38, the customer can reclaim and load a product from a silo without any help. When dosing blends, it is more comfortable and recommendable to use a robust proximity badge reader (transponder) for the loadout. The data required for the loadout process are transmitted via the proximity badge to the blending and loadout system. The loadout starts automatically and the desired product and quantity is loaded onto the customer's vehicle.

Upon request, the system can be complemented with surveillance cameras, automatic door and light functions, radio control, radio data transmission, etc. It will only take a few steps more towards unattended night operation.

Advantages of WÖHWA Self-Loading Solutions

  • Complete solutions consisting of:
    • Blending and Loadout Systems
    • Standard and Legal-for-Trade Belt Scales
    • Truck Scales
    • Weighing Data Processing Software
    • Transponder Card Reading Units
    • Intercom Stations with noise-cancelling microphones and pressure-chamber loudspeakers
    • Traffic Lights
    • Gate Entry/Exit Systems
    • Delivery Note Terminals
    • Custom-tailored software solutions
  • Simple single-product reclaim with RCT38 terminal / Radio Remote Control for truck and trailor (stand-alone solution)
  • Self-service with robust transponder card reading units installed directly at the loadout station