WÖHWA Company

Founded by Josef Wöhrl in 1949

The inventive spirit of the founder of our company, Josef Wöhrl, who died in 2000, still permeates the business today. Together with his brother Willi Wöhrl, he built up WÖHWA to its present greatness. The company has sparkled with innovative developments right from the beginning.

The revolutionary invention of the gyroscopic measuring cell was Josef Wöhrl’s greatest personal success. In 1975, his invention was even granted a place of honour in the German Museum in Munich. A continuously improved model of the gyroscopic measuring cell is still used today in modern WÖHWA gyroscopic scales in order to determine the weight of heavy loads with an accuracy of one part in 106.

German quality engenders trust

Our blending equipment, control systems and software are all developed and produced in Germany. Customers throughout the world value the security and reliability associated with the words: „Made in Germany“. The outstanding level of quality of WÖHWA products is complemented by the WÖHWA support service, which has proved its worth across the world. WÖHWA customers get everything they need from one place, up to and including commissioning and maintenance of their plant by highly qualified professionals. This engenders trust and results in long-term satisfied customers.

Strength from a corporate culture of cooperation

Even in these times of globalization, WÖHWA considers the key to its long-term business success to be a people-centered corporate culture that is oriented towards both its customers and its employees. Strong social values and an emphasis on career advancement for both junior staff and technical and management professionals are a part of this. Motivated young people are trained in the specialist fields of mechatronics, electrical engineering, software, mechanics and steel construction as well as industrial sales and management. Training and language courses are just as important to us as a fair and cooperative business relationship. The WÖHWA group of companies relies on its loyal, highly qualified and contented staff to maintain a similarly durable and successful relationship with its customers.


WÖHWA celebrates its 70th anniversary – 70 years of reliable partnership
Weighing technology meets Industry 4.0 – Development of a belt scale with single point load cell together with Mettler Toledo
Development of the truck scale solution
Innovation: High-precision weighing of heavy loads
Innovative technological partnership with Mettler Toledo
Development of a new belt feeder generation
Introduction of a Quality Management System according to DIN ISO EN 9001.
Installation od a solar plant with a power of 400 kWPeak.
Introduction of a professional project management system to improve management of big projects.
Setting up a dealer network in Central and South America:
Morris Sallick Industrial Supplies, Nicaragua
MDE Manufactura e Desenvolvimento de Equipamentos Ltda, Brasil
Setting up a dealer network in North America:
Crisp Industries, Inc., Bridgeport, Texas, USA
Compass Equipment Inc., Oroville, California, USA
Cooley Equipment Corp., Corona, California, USA
Mellott Company, Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Miller Machinery, Tualatin, Oregon, USA
NorX, inc., Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
Peninsula Equipment, Inc., Lakeland, Florida, USA
R. Brunone Canada Inc., Laval, Québec, Canada
R. Brunone Canada, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
RB Scott Company, Inc., Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA
SMC Southern Machinery Company, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Westate Machinery Company, Billings, Montana, USA
Whitney & Son, Inc., Fitchburg, Massacusetts, USA
Our production facility in Pfedelbach is expanded by 1.000 m².
Reorganisation of the WÖHWA group of companies. Foundation of WÖHWA Service- and Spareparts-Center North America.
Foundation of WÖHWA Head- and Service-Office in Vancouver, Canada. Development of a high-resolution gyroscope for high-resolution scales. Profit sharing of the WÖHWA group with our employees. Further extension of our business partnerships for sale and after-sale service in Eastern Europe. English and French training for our employees.
Building a new company presence in France. Start-up of sales and service partnerships in Canada and the USA.
Thomas Wöhrl becomes sole owner of the WÖHWA group of companies. Start-up of sales and service partnerships in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belgium.
Amalgamation of WÖHWA Waagenbau and WÖHWA Gyroskop at the headquarters in Pfedelbach near Heilbronn.
Start-up of sales and service partnership in Switzerland.
Foundation of WÖHWA sales representation WÖHWA France in Alsace-Lorraine.
Thomas Wöhrl takes over as managing director of the WÖHWA group of companies.
First PLC and PC based control system for a mineral processing plant.
Development of second-generation gyroscopic measuring cell with a resolution of 1.000.000 d.
First-PC-based WÖHWA weighing data processing programme.
First WÖHWA micro-processor-controlled weighing, blending and loadout system.
First-time use of a microprocessor in WÖHWA weighing electronics.
Founding of WÖHWA Gyroskop company.
Type approval of gyroscopic weighing system by PTB Braunschweig.
Development of first digital weighing electronics.
Development of gyroscopic weighing system by Josef Wöhrl.
Development of complete and automated blending and loadout systems.
Development of first discharging gate.
Installation of first WÖHWA truck scale.
WÖHWA Waagenbau is founded by Josef Wöhrl.