WÖHWA Plant Control Systems

The WÖHWA Control System for Mineral Processing Plants serves to optimize operation in every aspect. Various operation modes like "automatic", "manual locked" and "repair" can be used to operate the plant as required. The system offers many possibilities for repair work and in situ operation: from maintenance switches to radio control of motors or of the complete plant by using a portable laptop PC.

The visualised switching points for controlling the plant are clearly laid out and can be set on screen with the mouse. With the installation of a fill level monitoring system to switch off feeding automatically, unattended operation of the plant is possible.

For an optimum plant utilisation WÖHWA offers software for controlling and regulating plant feeding rates, for belt weigher controlled regulation of screening deck performance, and for recipe-controlled crusher feeding rates. A highly complex crusher control software and hardware, available for the various crusher types of Bräuer, Kleemann + Reiner, Krupp, Metso (Nordberg, Svedala), SBM, etc., can be used to automatically optimise crusher feeding, frequency converter parameters and hydraulic adjustment settings for the production of the desired products.

Speed monitors, off-track detectors, level detectors, material flow controllers and emergency switch-off cords provide a maximum degree of safety for man and machine.

Malfunctions are documented and displayed with motor-related information. SMS messages keep the plant manager informed of latest events. Upon request, it is possible to log changes of parameters and plant operation. With the integration of WÖHWA belt weighers and a system for collecting and processing operational data, it is possible to log and analyze machine or overall plant utilization.

A "user management software" for the log-in of every operator links logged operational data to the operator in charge.

Energy Management

Power costs can be reduced considerably with our programme module "Energy Management". "Remote Maintenance" is recommended to allow WÖHWA engineers to analyse plant operation and fix errors from their office at the factory without need to travel to the site.

WÖHWA control systems are based on PLC systems by Siemens, Mitsubishi or Schneider/Telemecanique and can be operated via the visualisation programme on the PC. If the PC should ever fail, the plant can be operated in the PLC's automatic mode with all functions maintained. Operator stations can be equipped with several monitors for a clear view of all vital plant sections.

Advantages of WÖHWA Plant Control Systems

  • complete control systems for mineral processing plants
    • planning and engineering
    • design of hardware and software
    • covering everything from low-voltage components to measuring and sensing devices
    • optimization of procedures within the processing plant
    • complete software solutions
    • including transformers, low voltage main distribution, control system, measuring and sensing devices
  • optimized recipe-based crusher feeding
  • adjustment of crusher feed opening and motor frequency by measuring the screened products
  • energy management system to reduce energy costs
  • automatic operation of primary crushing plant (no personnel required), processing plant, conveyor belts and feedings
  • night operation of processing plant
  • error messages transmitted via SMS to cellular phones
  • optimized screen feeding
  • archiving of flow rates measured by belt weighers
  • operating-hour counter
  • error messages
  • visualisation of fill levels
  • integration of crusher control systems into WÖHWA process visualisation
  • optimization of plant operation by measuring power consumption of machines
  • software repair log